FY24 New Mexico PreK Grant

ECECD is excited to announce available grant funding for New Mexico PreK (NM PreK). ECECD is seeking applications from eligible providers to expand, enhance, or create new PreK slots and classrooms statewide, especially in areas where there is a lack of high-quality PreK for children and families.

Share your voice to shape early childhood services in New Mexico!

ECECD wants to hear from you — the dedicated parents and caregivers of young children in New Mexico. You care for them, and we want to best care for you. If you take care of young ones ages 0–5, we need your help understanding what early childhood programs you use, what works well about them, and what improvements could be made to make them better for you and your family.

The Early Show with Alax

The Early Show with Alax, a playful, informative online series for families with young children. The show’s host, Alax, is a live-action Galactic character from another solar system who wants to learn the important elements of caring for “little humans” without judgment or prior caregiving knowledge.

New Mexico Child Care Finder

Visit ECECD’s Child Care Finder to filter results that meet your family’s needs. The Child Care Finder, allows parents and caregivers to search for one of the 1000+ child care programs statewide, filtering by proximity, age of child, quality rating, tuition, language, program type, and more. 

Moments Together

Babies are always learning, and you already have what it takes to teach them. From breakfast to bedtime there are tons of simple, everyday moments you share with your little one that can put them on the path to a bright future.

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We’re with you every step of the way!

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Programs for


Mother at Pre-Natal stage illustration

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Mother at Pre-Natal stage illustration

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Mother at Pre-Natal stage illustration

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