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Background Check Process: Licensed/Registered Child Care Homes

Licensed/Registered Child Care Homes

ECECD Background Check Unit

PO Drawer 5619

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502

Fax: (505) 827-7422

En español: ECECD Licensed Home Application and the ECECD Registered Home Application.

Child Care Request for Transfer of Background Clearance


Families FIRST is a program within the Public Health Division which provides case management services. Our mission is to promote health and wellness, improve health outcomes, and assure safety net services for all people of New Mexico.

Why it’s important:

The program assists clients in gaining access to medical, social and educational services that are necessary to foster positive pregnancy outcomes and promote healthy infants and children in New Mexico.

Who / what age groups it’s for:

Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and children 0–3 years.

How to Access the Service:

Providers are welcome to refer any family that they feel would benefit from Families FIRST services. Families First partners with programs including Women Infants & Children Program (WIC), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Text4baby.

Contact Families FIRST representatives at 1-877-842-4152.

What (if anything) it costs:

No cost.

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Home Visiting


Supporting New Mexico families to raise healthy, happy, successful children.

Why it’s important:

New Mexico provides a coordinated continuum of high-quality, community-driven, culturally and linguistically appropriate home visiting services that promote maternal, infant, and early childhood health, safety, development, and strong parent-child relationships. Home Visiting helps families to:

  • Gain knowledge regarding child development
  • Connect with community support services
  • Discover ways to support learning through play and interactions
  • Receive emotional support through challenges associated with raising a child
  • Access support to get out of dangerous or unhealthy situations

Who / what age groups it’s for:

Families with children prenatal through the first 5 years

How people can access the service:

Families interested in services can reach out directly to their local home visiting program to enroll. Contact information for local home visiting programs can be found on the New Mexico Kids website.

What (if anything) it costs:

No cost

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