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Early Head Start /
Head Start


To prepare children for school while providing families access to community resources and comprehensive support services to ensure their children’s success.

Why is this program important?

Early Head Start/Head Start is a federally funded program that prepares America’s most vulnerable children to succeed in school and beyond. Head Start programs deliver services to children and families in core areas of early learning, health, and family well-being while engaging parents as partners every step of the way.

Because the program focuses on the family as a whole, children receive early screenings which may lead to early identification of developmental delays, lead poisoning, and dental, health care, and mental health service needs. The program also provides nutritious meals to children and referrals to community resources for families.

What age group does this program serve?

Early Head Start has two options: Home Based or Center Based. The Home Based program serves children prenatal to 3 and is available for working or non-working families.

Center Based programs serve children 6 weeks to 3 years old and are designed for working families.

Both options support families to transition to Center Based Head Start when age appropriate, or for those in Home Based to transition to Center Based Early Head Start when needed for working purposes.

Head Start provides preschool services for three- and four-year-old children in a Center Based model.

How can I access this service?

Families access services through an income-based application process. Children who have disabilities, are living under foster/kinship care, are receiving Survivor SSI benefits, are experiencing homelessness, or who face other risk factors have priority.

What does it cost?

No cost.

Are there income-based discounts?

Services are free.

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Families FIRST Program

Why it’s important:

Families FIRST is a case management program of the New Mexico Department of Health, Public Health Division, funded

Who / what age groups it’s for:

Medicaid eligible pregnant women and children 0-3 years old.

How people can access the service:

Families FIRST is a statewide program that would like to provide services within the community to Prenatal and pediatric clients that need case management services

What (if anything) it costs:

No cost

Whether there are income-based discounts, etc:

This program serves Medicaid-eligible families.

Home Visiting


Supporting New Mexico families to raise healthy, happy, successful children.

Why it’s important:

New Mexico provides a coordinated continuum of high-quality, community-driven, culturally and linguistically appropriate home visiting services that promote maternal, infant, and early childhood health, safety, development, and strong parent-child relationships. Home Visiting helps families to:

  • Gain knowledge regarding child development
  • Connect with community support services
  • Discover ways to support learning through play and interactions
  • Receive emotional support through challenges associated with raising a child
  • Access support to get out of dangerous or unhealthy situations

Who / what age groups it’s for:

Families with children prenatal through the first 5 years

How people can access the service:

Families interested in services can reach out directly to their local home visiting program to enroll. Contact information for local home visiting programs can be found on the New Mexico Kids website.

What (if anything) it costs:

No cost

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