EPICS Child Care Provider Dashboard Information and Support

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The EPICS Child Care provider dashboard was designed for childcare providers and streamlines accepting or declining contracts as well as allows providers to review payments, view and print payment remittances, view active child care certifications and manage employee/secondary care giver records.

Download the EPICS Provider flyer:


Providers will need to take a 30-minute training on the on the New Mexico Early Learning System (NMELS) website to gain access.

Login to EPICS

Do you have access to EPICS Provider Dashboard? Sign in here: 

Please Note: You will be required to complete the provider dashboard training webinar. Once completed you will need to submit a copy of your completion certificate along with a completed and signed provider dashboard access form to:  ECECD-ECS-ProviderGovernance@state.nm.us

It may take up to 4 days to receive your EPICS account activation email.


If you need further assistance with your user account, have questions about information within your provider record, or any other assistance, please contact your licensing surveyor/
child care specialist, or the child care supervisor in your region.

  • Allen Anderson, Southeast Regional Manager, (575)-625-1078
  • Mary Arrey, Southwest Child Care Supervisor, (575)-373-6609
  • Peggy Martin, Central Child Care Supervisor, (505)-841-4827
  • Diana Martinez, North Child Care Supervisor, (505)-827-3814


Customer support hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MST), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

EPICS Provider Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: How do I get access to the provider dashboard?

Directors and Home Providers can gain access to the provider dashboard by logging in or registering at https://www.nmels.org/ets/home and completing the provider dashboard training webinar. Once completed, you will be given instructions and links to fill out the provider dashboard access request form to be sent to ECECD-ECS-ProviderGovernance@state.nm.us. If you are a secondary caregiver or facility employee, you will need to be sure to have the home provider’s or facility director’s authorization and signature on the form to be granted access to the provider dashboard.

Q: Can caseworkers put the contracts into the system to be approved instead of emailing them?

If you have access to the provider dashboard, you can approve and decline contracts electronically within the provider dashboard. If you do not have access to the provider dashboard contracts will continue to be mailed and emailed.

Q: Some employees that are active are shown as inactive. How do I get this corrected?

Providers who have access to the provider dashboard can manage active and inactive employee and secondary caregiver records. Provider dashboard users can inactivate employee and secondary caregiver records as well as request to reactivate inactive employee and secondary caregiver records electronically within the provider dashboard. Please log in to your NMELS account to view quick tip sheets and/or the provider dashboard manual for details on managing employee and secondary caregiver records: https://nmels.org

Q: Will I need to sign and send the contract back or will just accepting it online via the provider dashboard work?

There is no need to sign and send the contract back. When the contract is accepted within the provider dashboard, that is the same as your signature, and you can view and print the contract within the provider dashboard.

Q: Is there a charge or subscription fee for the provider dashboard?

No, the EPICS provider dashboard is a free tool for providers to utilize and streamline the acceptance or declining of contracts, access to view and print payment remittances, manage employee records and secondary caregiver records and view active certifications.

Q: Is this a standalone system outside of EPICS?

No, the provider dashboard is an extension of EPICS developed and designed to streamline processes for providers and give providers instant access to view and manage their records.

Q: Is the provider dashboard limited to directors/home providers/owners only?

The provider dashboard is available to anyone the facility director/owner/home provider authorizes to have access. The provider dashboard access form requires the director’s/home provider’s signature authorizing access to be granted to staff and secondary caregivers. Without the director’s/ home provider’s signature authorizing the access, the form will be rejected, and the user account will not be created until the employee or secondary caregiver receives the director’s/home provider’s authorization.

Q: How does a director or owner verify who has asked for access to the provider dashboard for their facility or home?

The director/home provider/owner is required to sign the dashboard access request form authorizing the user’s access. The director/home provider/owner should keep track of these requests for their records as well as for management of the user accounts.

Q: How does a director/home provider/owner inactivate a provider dashboard user account when an employee/secondary caregiver leaves the facility/home?

The director/home provider/owner must reach out to their childcare surveyor/childcare specialist and request the inactivation of a provider dashboard user account when necessary.

Q: Is the provider dashboard available for private preschools certified through ECECD?

Yes, the provider dashboard is available for all provider types within EPICS. See the first FAQ answer for details on how to request access to the provider dashboard.

Q: Can we limit provider dashboard access to our current employees who already have access to EPICS?

As the director/home provider/owner, you are in charge of authorizing access to the provider dashboard to those employees who you feel should have access. You can limit who has access within your facility/home.

Q: Will a teacher be able to view a provider’s contracts and payments?

If the director/home provider/owner authorizes the teacher to have provider dashboard access, and a user account is created for the teacher, then they will have access to view contracts and payments as well as employee records and certifications. It is the responsibility of the director/home provider/owner to limit access to the provider dashboard to staff that are authorized to have access.