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Notice to the Public

Notice to the Public

The Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC)  will meet on October 29, 2021. 

Notice to the Public

The ECECD Advisory Council held its final meeting on Friday, October 16.


In 2019, Gov. Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Legislature created the Early Childhood Education and Care Department. The Department officially launched on July 1, 2020.

The Department’s aim is to create a more cohesive, equitable, and effective early childhood system in New Mexico. That means coordinating a continuum of programs from prenatal to five—and ensuring that families in every corner of the state can access the services they need. This work is informed by New Mexico’s Birth-Five Needs Assessment (Spanish version here) and the related Native American Perspectives report, which include feedback from thousands of New Mexicans.

The Department also oversees child care programs—as well as food and nutrition programs—that serve older children and families.

VISION: All New Mexico families ​and young children are thriving​

MISSION: Optimize the health, development, education, and well-being of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers through a family-driven, equitable, community-based system of high-quality prenatal and early childhood programs and services

Cabinet Secretary

ECECD is led by Secretary Elizabeth Groginsky. Sec. Groginsky began her early childhood career in Head Start – first as a family services coordinator, then as an administrator of a Head Start program, and eventually as director of Colorado’s Head Start State Collaboration Office.

Later, she directed early childhood education for United Way Worldwide and steered the Early Childhood Data Collaborative, a national coalition designed to improve state policies and practices around early childhood data systems.

Most recently, Secretary Groginsky served as assistant superintendent of early learning in the District of Columbia, spearheading the District’s efforts toward universal PreK and focusing on ensuring equal access for all families and young children. 

Assistant Secretary for Native American Early Childhood Education and Care

Jovanna Archuleta serves as the nation’s first Assistant Secretary for Native American Early Childhood Education and Care. She works to ensure strong partnerships with New Mexico’s tribal communities and to strengthen government-to-government relationships on early childhood issues.

Previously, Assistant Secretary Archuleta worked for the LANL Foundation and the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council. She lives in Nambe Pueblo with her family.

View the New Mexico Early Childhood Strategic Plan 2021–2024

Charting out key goals, objectives, and actions to meet identified needs, track progress, and provide a detailed view of the early childhood landscape and a comprehensive strategy for moving forward.

Statewide Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Report and Three-Year Plan

IECMH Consultation will promote, respond, and preserve the mental health and well-being of New Mexico’s babies, infants and toddlers by developing and deploying a knowledgeable and competent IECMH Consultation workforce. 

New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department Advisory Council Final Report and Recommendations

The recommendations developed by the Advisory Council will impact the development of ECECD’s policies and practices and will be implemented wherever possible.

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New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department Transition Committee

Final Report and 18-Month Action Plan

Understanding the Cost of Quality Child Care in New Mexico: A Cost Estimation Model to Inform Subsidy Rate Setting

Prenatal to Five Fiscal Strategies

    Indian Education Semi-Annual Government-to-Government Summit

    2021 Report 

    ECECD Organizational Chart

    Updated October 2021 (PDF)