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Child Care Business Toolkit

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ECECD partnered with CCA Global Partners to provide a shared services platform to support child care providers. The platform contains robust resources to support child care providers. ECECD’s Child Care Business Toolkit is a foundation for early care and education professionals striving to meet the ever-increasing demands of the field. The toolkit contains thousands of practical and customizable resources, including sample policies, procedures, handbooks, forms, job descriptions, interview guides and much more put valuable hours back in your day.

How Does the Toolkit Work?

The toolkit is a password-protected web platform that forms an extensive knowledge hub of tools focused on supporting the needs of early childhood education and care professionals. New Mexico Child Care educators, directors, owners, and staff get membership to the ECECD Child Care Business Toolkit and all its resources for FREE! Register at ECECD Biz Toolkit. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. 

What are the Qualifications?

The Toolkit is designed especially with Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes in mind, but there are many resources that are widely applicable to the larger Early Childhood family of services. The only requirements are that you are an early childhood service provider or support providers in New Mexico.

What are the Benefits?

Save Time: Thousands of practical and customizable resources, including sample policies, procedures, handbooks, forms, job descriptions, interview guides and much more put valuable hours back in your day.

Save Money: Stretch your budget further by taking advantage of exclusive savings on everything from classroom and office supplies to credit card processing and job postings.

Raise Quality: Real world tools that address real world business needs. The ECECD Child Care Business Toolkit provides hundreds of editable tools to support your efforts in streamlining programmatic, administrative, and management quality.


Reach the ECECD Business Toolkit at:

What Content Areas does the Toolkit Cover?

Engaging Families

Strengthen relationships and effectively support families with family handouts and tip sheets on common parenting questions and concerns about child development, nutrition, fitness, safety and social emotional best practices. Administrative resources include family handbook templates, surveys, family/teacher conferences, IEP resources, transitions and more.

Learning Activities for the Classrooms

Explore learning activities and resources, recommended books by age group or topic, companion learning activities, classroom materials, lesson plans and curriculum ideas, physical activity guides, and literacy practices including phonologic and dialogic reading tools will support teachers’ work in the classroom.

Savings Tips

Exclusive discounts for popular vendors and suppliers on a variety of everyday products including classroom and office supplies, child care management software, food and essential items such as cleaning, hygiene, PPE and disinfection products. See how much you can save with our handy calculator.

HR Expert Series

Becoming an HR Expert includes job descriptions, behavioral-based interview guides, a new hire orientation toolkit, employee discipline and termination resources, payroll practices, employee handbook templates and more.

Compliance Strategies

Compliance and Quality provides comprehensive state and federal regulations, quality and business best practices. Explore resources, templates, forms, and policies designed to help your child care business enhance quality and strengthen compliance strategies.

Family Childcare Toolkit

Family Childcare Toolkit all the necessary administrative and programmatic supports your family child care business needs. Hundreds of tools, templates and resources to help you juggle all the different aspects of both running a business and caring for children.

Financial Resources

Financial Management resources to guide your work in budget planning and preparation, managing enrollment, tuition, fee collection, revenue practices, setting competitive rates, building business credit and more. Handy tuition, enrollment, business credit, and budgeting forms, letters, templates and more.

Nutrition, Health and Safety

Nutrition, Health and Safety guides, handouts, forms, templates, and tools on everything from support for breastfeeding moms to food safety; to physical, mental, and emotional health; to cleaning and chemical safety and emergency safety and preparedness.


Posters communicate important messages to staff and families on a variety of topics, including emergency preparedness, safety, health, handwashing, and diapering.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have time to learn how to do this

We’ve taken the guesswork and time out of locating tools for your child care program for you. We use nationally vetted tools, templates, and resources so that you don’t have to spend your precious time on Google looking for a resource. Many of our resources are aligned with NM Licensing Requirements and include New Mexico and local resources where possible. Don’t do this alone, though! We encourage you to review these resources with your consultant, trainer, or licensing surveyor to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck – or your time.

What if English isn’t my native language?

We use Google Translate (in the upper right corner of the Toolkit) to translate the content into many languages and all of our documents and forms are translated into Spanish.

I’m worried that the technology will be too complex for my program

ECECD Child Care Business Toolkit is a robust library of resources for your child care business and program that is available online from your phone, computer or tablet. The Toolkit is used in 34 states and is used by thousands of child care programs across the country. We will also provide support for your questions, from registering and logging in to customizing the templates to your specific context.