Saliva testing for COVID-19 is currently available to child care providers in New Mexico.

The Vault COVID-19 saliva test is a safe and effective way to self-test for COVID-19 in your home. This testing method is as effective as the naso-pharyngeal swab and meets health and safety requirements for child care provider surveillance testing. Vault COVID-19 testing is FREE for all users, can be ordered online, administered from home, and dropped at a local UPS store for mailing. Customers incur no shipping costs and usually receive results within 24–48 hours.

Vault Health website

Found out more information about the COVID-19 saliva self-test kit from the providing company.

Minnesota Department of Health

Find our more information from another state widely using the Vault at-home test.

Information and assistance for a COVID-positive case

Call ECECD at (800) 832-1321 for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Covid-19 Saliva Testing Program?

This is a voluntary test designed to be used if you are concerned about possible exposure to COVID-19. It is a saliva test from Vault Health designed for personal use. It can be taken at your discretion, but must be used before the end of the program on ##/##/2020.

Will I have to pay?

No. ALL COVID testing in NM is FREE and is covered by CARES Act funding.

Why is my insurance required?

Insurance is collected in New Mexico so that private insurance and Medicaid can pay for the testing. YOU will not incur a cost. If your insurance does not pay for the test, the state will cover the cost. You will NOT receive a bill.

Vault asked me for my credit card information—should I provide that?

No. The Vault website should NOT ask you for this information, however, if it does, this is an error in the system. Please close out of the site and log in again, using a different browser. (We need to provide a support number here) Vault may likely request credit card information if the user is attempting to order a second test.

Can children be tested using Vault?

Yes, the Vault test is valid for ages 4 through adult. If you need a test for a child, it must be requested by someone 18 or older, like a parent or caregiver. Children 4 and under many not have enough saliva for the test to be valid.