Local Early Childhood Systems Building Grant

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Local Early Childhood Systems Building Grant


The New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD) is releasing a competitive Local Early Childhood Systems Building Grant to strengthen our state’s approach to engaging local communities in bottom-up problem solving and decision making. The purpose of the Local Early Childhood Systems Building Grant is to strengthen the infrastructure within local communities to achieve necessary systems change by building local capacity for work on the actions and measures outlined in the goals and objectives of the New Mexico Strategic Plan 2021-2024 pertaining to Families, Governance, Workforce, Funding, Data and Sovereign Nations. A second purpose of this grant opportunity is to develop stronger partnerships between local communities and the state, including mutually agreed upon two-way communications and shared actions to improve New Mexico’s systems for early childhood.

Eligible Applicants:

Coalitions need to have a fiscal agent that meets one of the following criteria for recipients of state contracts:

        • Federal tax-exempt non-profit organizations under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code
        • Indigenous Tribes, Pueblos, and Nations
        • Governmental entities
        • Institutions of Higher Education


Grant Opportunity Posting ECECD September 30, 2021
Optional Pre-application Orientation Sessions Via Zoom (English and Spanish) ECECD October 6, 2021
Deadline to Submit Written Questions Applicant October 15, 2021
Responses to Written Questions ECECD October 22, 2021
Submission of Grant Application Applicant November 15, 2021
Evaluation and Award Determination ECECD November 16-26, 2021
Grant Award Letter Issued ECECD November 30, 2021


Orientation Presentation:

Click the button below to view the October 6, 2021 orientation materials. 

Electronic Submission and Due Date:

Completed and signed applications must be emailed with required attachments to ececd.grants@state.nm.us no later than 3 p.m. MDST/MST on November 15, 2021. The email will confirm the date and time of receipt. The subject line of the email must state: “Local Early Childhood Systems Building Grant Application FY22-FY23”.

Written Questions:

All questions must be submitted to Robert Jessen via email to Robert.Jessen@state.nm.us. Written responses to questions will be posted on ECECD’s website, Local Early Childhood Systems Building Grant | Early Childhood Education & Care Department (nmececd.org), for the benefit of all eligible applicants.

Virtual Training Sessions

For guidance on how to apply for the ECECD Local Early Childhood Systems Building Grant, attend a 90-minute virtual training session. 

View and Download Documents

Appendix A – Current List of Coalitions
  • Updated 9.30.2021
  • PDF Format 
  • English/Spanish 
Appendix B – Current List of Tribal Early Head Start and Head Start
  • Updated 9.30.2021
  • PDF Format 
  • English/Spanish
Appendix C – Health Councils by Region
  • Updated 9.30.2021
  • PDF Format
  • English/Spanish