January 13, 2021 — The New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD) is seeking a waiver from the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services. The purpose of this waiver is to request approval to readjust the ECECD’s current monitoring schedule for Sponsoring and Independent Institutions in response to the COVID 19 public health crisis.

On March 11, 2020, New Mexico State Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham declared a State of Public Health Emergency for the State of New Mexico and the Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Health issue a Public Health Declaration on March 12, 2020, to limit mass gatherings due to COVID-19, among other restrictions enacted since the beginning of the pandemic.

This waiver will not cost any additional administrative duties outside of the normal oversight that the USDA FNS already provides. Remote Monitoring conducted during FFY20 will be similar in scope and breadth as a review is conducted in-person.