FOCUS Planning Time Grant

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Financial support for early childhood programs and professionals on a path to quality improvement


THE FOCUS PLANNING TIME GRANT is offered by the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD) to support classroom preparation and program development.

FOCUS ON YOUNG CHILDREN’S LEARNING is a tiered quality rating and improvement system (TQRIS) that works to strengthen early childhood programs serving children and their families in New Mexico.

FOCUS Planning Time Grant Application FY 22-23 

• Applications are accepted through August 15, 2022.

One of the FOCUS requirements is that educators must have at least two hours of weekly planning time for curriculum development, and to review child assessment information.

ECECD recognizes that planning time is essential to ensure program quality. We are happy to continue to offer FOCUS Planning Time Grants, an initiative managed by the Southwest Regional Education Cooperative (SWREC).

What the Grant Covers
  •  A one-time per classroom payment to supplement the cost of staffing or materials related to activity planning.
How Funds Can Be Used

Staffing costs, materials and supplies, toys, puzzles, and manipulatives, or any additional items needed for planning the early childhood learning environment.


A current FOCUS program  at level 2-Star+  or higher is eligible to submit an application to receive a FOCUS Planning Time Grant. Accredited ECECD 5-Star providers are also encouraged to apply.

How to Apply
  • FOCUS Planning Time Grants are noncompetitive.
  • Applications are accepted  through August 15, 2022.
  • When the application is closed, a formula will be applied to allocate funding across programs.
  • Eligible programs may fill out an application online at FOCUS Planning Time Grant Application FY 22-23 
  • An application may also be requested by email at and returned to the same address.
Award and Payment Process


    • Applications are reviewed and verified by SWREC within two business days of receipt.
    • ECECD will verify the number of proposed classrooms
    • SWREC then issues the program an award letter, which also serves as a grant agreement.
    • To receive funding, programs must fill out a W-9 form and email it to

Grants will be issued as a one-time payment, and applications must be resubmitted each year.


Periodic on-site and paper/desk audits will be conducted, requiring programs to provide documentation of:

  • Spending and receipts as they relate to the use of funds for Planning Time


Casey Lafferty
TQRIS Manager

Lauren Verduzco
Program Manager, Southwest Regional Education Cooperative

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  • Updated July 2022
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